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Dec 24, 2010 (Started Dec 11, 2010)

  • Effectiveness
    Moderate (for fibromyalgia)
  • Effectiveness
    Moderate (for muscle and joint pain)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Not at all hard to take
Dosage: 2250 mg Daily
Advice & Tips: Doc gave me salsalsate as a replacement for ibuprofen, which was giving me stomach pain. It's an aspirin-like drug, but I'm not sure exactly how similar to aspirin it is -- it seems to show up in drug interactions the same way that aspirin does. This means that it acts as a blood thinner. I've been instructed to pay close attention to symptoms of abnormal bleeding anywhere. I wasn't sure if it was working at first. I was going off my tramadol and in a lot of pain. I was prescribed two 750mg pills a day and I'm taking 3/day until I get my pain under control. When hurt, I take salsalsate and after awhile I feel better, so I'm guessing it's doing something.
Cost: < $25 monthly

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