31 patient evaluations for Deep Brain Stimulation

Feb 1, 2006 (Started Feb 01, 2006)

  • Effectiveness
    Major (for Parkinson's disease)
  • Side effects
    Moderate (memory loss)
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Somewhat hard to take
Dosage: All the time (24/7)
Advice & Tips: If you are considering DBS as and option, you can always leave me a message with any questions you may have. It is a tough decision to make. A very individual and personal decision. I am very fortunate to have been a good candidate for the surgery and it has proved to be a good decision on my part. But it does come with some risks as well as its benefits. My PD is much more manageable now than it was a few years ago because of the DBS along with some medication changes.
Cost: < $25 monthly
Side effects: memory loss

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