What is Soda pop?

Category: Nutrition/Diets

Most popular types: 7 Up


Carbonated soft drinks are commonly known as soda, soda pop, pop, or tonic in the US, soda or pop in Canada, fizzy drinks or pop in the United Kingdom and sometimes minerals in Ireland. Caffeine content depends on the type of soda.

Reported purpose & perceived effectiveness
Purpose Patients Evaluations Perceived Effectiveness
Improve swallowing 2 0
Increase effect of another treatment 2 0
Cognitive impairment 1 0
Daytime sleepiness 1 0
Dry mouth 1 0
Fatigue 1 0

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  • Moderate
  • Slight
  • None
  • Can't tell

Side effects

Side effects as an overall problem

Side effects as an overall problem
Severity Evaluations
Severe 0
Moderate 0
Mild 0
None 1

Commonly reported side effects and conditions associated with Soda pop

Side effect Patients


Based on patients currently using Soda pop

Dosage Patients
1 other daily 1
8 other daily 1
1 other as needed 1

Why patients stopped taking Soda pop

Multiple reasons could be selected

Reason Patients
Expense 1
Other 1
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Currently using Soda pop

Duration Patients
5 - 10 years 1
10 years or more 2

Stopped using Soda pop

Duration Patients
2 - 5 years 1
Adherence Evaluations
Always 0
Usually 0
Sometimes 0
Never taken as prescribed 1
Burden Evaluations
Very hard to take 0
Somewhat hard to take 0
A little hard to take 1
Not at all hard to take 0
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