What is Wine?

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Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of grape juice. The natural chemical balance of grapes is such that they can ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes or other nutrients.

Reported purpose & perceived effectiveness
Purpose Patients Evaluations Perceived Effectiveness
Spasticity 2 1
Cold sensation in feet 1 0
Excessive daytime sleepiness (somnolence) 1 1
General health 1 0
Pain 1 1
Personal enjoyment / entertainment 1 1

  • Major
  • Moderate
  • Slight
  • None
  • Can't tell

Side effects

Side effects as an overall problem

Side effects as an overall problem
Severity Evaluations
Severe 0
Moderate 0
Mild 2
None 2

Commonly reported side effects and conditions associated with Wine

Side effect Patients

Why patients stopped taking Wine

Multiple reasons could be selected

Reason Patients
Did not seem to work 1
Other 1
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Stopped using Wine

Duration Patients
6 months - 1 year 1
2 - 5 years 1
Adherence Evaluations
Always 1
Usually 1
Sometimes 2
Never taken as prescribed 0
Burden Evaluations
Very hard to take 0
Somewhat hard to take 0
A little hard to take 2
Not at all hard to take 2
Cost per month
Cost per month Evaluations
$200+ 0
$100-199 0
$50-99 0
$25-49 0
< $25 1
Not specified 3
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2 patient evaluations for Wine

Oct 14, 2010 (Started Dec 11, 2005)

  • Effectiveness
    Slight (for Other)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    A little hard to take
Dosage: As needed
Advice & Tips: took the pain away

  • 0 helpful marks

Jun 9, 2010 (Started Aug 01, 2008)

  • Effectiveness
    Moderate (for spasticity)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Not at all hard to take
Dosage: As needed
Advice & Tips: A glass of wine in moderation truly helps with the spasticity. I would suggest starting out with a half a glass to see how you tolerate it first. I generally will have one glass of wine a few times a month. If the spasticity gets too bad, then I will increase to one glass once a week or more. I never drink more than one glass unless it is at a dinner party or holiday get together.
Cost: < $25 monthly

  • 0 helpful marks
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