1 patient evaluation for Sensory Integration Therapy

Apr 11, 2012 (Started Oct 05, 2011)

  • Effectiveness
    Slight (for sensory dysfunction)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Very hard to take
Dosage: 60 min Daily
Advice & Tips: 1] Making something out of nothing. There is always an opprotunity to sooth triggers. Stimulate safely and destimulate over stimulation where hyper sensitive. 2] Yes, there is shocking benefits ONLY if you do the work. the more work the more results. gotta stay educated, keep reading and stay on top of different approaches as to not avoid becoming stagnet. You can NOT hire someone to see your kid an hour a day or a week and think there is change or that its enough. Its a lifestyle/culture change of family, where the real method, evolution, capabilities of child is established and made. 3] Impacts are drastic for us trying to do at home and with the support of ECI programs. But Private is the way to go, provided if you have the resources. On a larger scale going to private care among professionals does not hold a candle to attempting to read DIR therapy how to and other therapies to address SPD complications.

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