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Apr 26, 2020 (Started Mar 15, 2020)

  • Effectiveness
    Moderate (for dry skin)
  • Side effects
    Severe (generalized weakness (asthenia), muscle pain)
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Not at all hard to take
Dosage: 100 g Weekly
Advice & Tips: I previously used E450 lotion on my legs and arms for dry and itchy skin. I read a review that considered Cetaphil was superior, so started using it about 4 - 8 weeks ago. About then I found I had neck ache and worsening shoulder arthritis, but did not connect that to Cetaphil usage. However, this last two weeks on the Monday and Tuesday after applying the lotion the day before (Sunday), my neck muscles and shoulder pain increased noticeably, as did my weariness whilst doing my daily 5 mile walk - all symptoms that decline as the week goes on. I will revert to using E450.

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