We’re more than our disease.
Together, we are the answer.

For more than a decade, people like you have been our partners, pioneering the future of personalized medicine by contributing to our digital health learning system. You have established the patient voice and real-world evidence as a pillar of medical advancement. Now, we want to partner with you as we set our sights on the next decade; to even further advance personalized health with DigitalMe™.

DigitalMe™ will combine multiple sources of your health data; pulling together your experiential, environmental, biological and medical information to create a digital version of you. By leveraging the most advanced technologies like machine learning, we’ll sequence your RNA and DNA, and examine your proteins, antibodies, microbiome and metabolites. We want to develop the tools and information that can help you make choices about how to live better.

This technology is not yet widely available, but we want to invest and partner with you, to help make this more affordable and available to everyone in the future. It will not cost you a thing. That is how much we believe in this idea, and in you.


How do you get involved? Be a dedicated partner.

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    Answer a few questions and find out if you are eligible
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    If you’re eligible, someone will reach out to schedule your first blood draw
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    Then, keep your profile up-to-date and answer our questions along the way