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MS: 10 yrs
Type: relapsing-remitting
Sensation: Moderate
Overall: Moderate
Cognition: moderate
Vision: moderate
Speech: moderate
Swallowing: moderate
Upper limb: mild
Walking: moderate


Female, 43 years
carrollton, GA

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About doodlebugg

im 35 years old i have a wonderful husband of 17 years, 2 beautiful daughters and a poodle that is my strength when im alone. im a stay at home mom now but look forward to going back to work soon i hope.

i was diagnoised in sept. of 07 my problems started on august the 4th i had been shopping with my girls,my mom and husband. felt really great that day, went home that night and thought that all was perfect i felt great nothing seemed to be able to stop me except for a little headach that i had already been being treated for. went to bed and was rudely awakened by this MONSTER that we now of as M.S just thought that it was a bad cramp but i knew that something had to be going in the wrong direction cause cramps were not suppose to hurt this bad i mean i had two girls naturally with no pain meds. so i dealt with the pain couldnt walk had to drag myself to the bathroom hoping not to fall and it finally passed about 3-4 hours later after a lot of cryin and heatn pads and ice packs. i thought good im home free the pain was gone but the next day i couldnt move my leg it felt as if it weighed 1000 lbs but i knew that it didnt.

well then it happened again and it was only to my surprise that it was twice as bad this time.i had to go to the ER and they thought that it was my sciatic nerve and they gave me a pain/steroid shot sent me home and i went to my dr. the next. he ordered an MRI the next week and the results were sent to him immediatly but to my greatest fear i was told that it was one of 3 things <it was an infarction similar to a stroke or it was cancer or it was M.S well that was the beginning of not only one trip to the dr. but 1 of many. i finally got in to see the M.S specialist and he diagnosed me with M.S yes that was a blessing because i thought that my world was over before i could get it started.i still have 2 girls that need my help with alot of things that a girl needs and only a momma or woman can do.

i have to put my faith in GOD because he has been there from the very beginning and he will be there till the end. i have been totally paralized on my left side from my ear down to my toes. my whole body felt as if it had been folded in half but with alot of steroids, wonderfull drs., GOD, lots of prayers and the strongest belief that i have ever had with also my husband, my girls, my momma, my daddy, my youngest brother, and me not letting this get me down i have made it this far and i will make it even further cause one of these days i hope and pray that my girls will get married and i can help their daddy walk them down the isle and then help them take care of their baby if and when they choose to have one.... 

more later after i go to the dr. in feb. but for now i take Rebif 44mcg 3 times a week and it has worked miracles for me and i wouldnt change a thing right now for it .i am going through a severe depression right now but it is because i cant work, drive, or go any where right now but i do know that that will change one day i hope... keep up the good spirits never say never and always let ur body know that u have control with the help of GOD and u r gonna win this battle one day..... my web site if you would like to contact me and chat for myspace is doodlebugg33@charter.net or yahoo im is doodlebugg@yahoo.com feel free to contact me and friend request me i would love to hear from any and all of you that needs a friend together we can and will make it......

well ihave been to the dr. in atlanta since i wrote all this but i now have 6 lessions 1 one my spine and 5 on my rightside of my brain. their is one on my brain that controls my left leg and arm but i am haveing to use a walking stick to keep my balance and be able to get around. when i go out in public i have to use a wheel chair to be mobile and by groceries but that is a lifve lession not and i dont see this as a punnishment but i see it as a life lesson and it is some thing i can teach people and my kids... it is smething to learn from not a punnishment so grab life by the horns and run with it life can be great it is what you make of it.........I have a doctor's appointment in Atlanta Monday June 29th @ 8:30AM with Dr. Serbi I will know more after I get back I will be able to tell you about my visit with the doctor late Monday or tuesday. I am currently no longer using assistance to help me walk. GOING TO KENTUCKY JULY 3RD, 4TH, & 5TH WILL BE BACK NO LATER THAN THE 6TH.Kiss


I have been to the doctor January 25, I got one of the best reports i have had in a loooong time. Normally Dr. Serbi makes me try to find his finger or my nose with my left index finger multiple times but this time he did not make me (: THANK GOD!!!!!!(: He told me that I was doing great!!! Everyone was sooo happy to hear that(: More when I go back to the Dr.Laughing


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