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About jackvadams

I'm a sociology student at Memorial University. I'm very interested in the how technology affects health & illness. I struggle with ADHD on a few levels: on how to treat it day-to-day, on how it affects my identity and future, and even on how its conceived of as an illness (recently I've taken to calling my ADHD a personality type that's poorly compatible with societal expectations, but I do know and appreciate the benefits of understanding it as an illness) I'm interested in talking to you about ADHD or other illnesses, and how the internet has become a part of your illness experience.

I guess I'll keep this mostly about my illness experience. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD two years ago, or so. It was brought on by troubles concentrating in school, mostly, and I sought the diagnosis myself. Like I said above, I try to frame ADHD positively, by focusing on my good qualities that - if I were a different person - I mightn't have: like most ADHD'ers, my memory is for the birds - but I'm great on my feet, including musical improvisation; I'm flighty about tasks and lose interest easily; but I'm also great with coming up with new ideas and fresh perspectives, and so on.

Medication wise, I've been doing the Ritalin thing off and on, but lately it (I?) hasn't been working so well. My titration (from 15-20, to 30mg) hasn't worked as well as I had hoped, if at all.

My biggest pitfalls are digital distractions, which at their worst can result in loss of sleep and anti-social behavior.

I look to PLM and the wider internet for new ways to intervene into my ADHD tendencies - and for new ways to think about them. And, you gentle reader, are included in that wide net. If you want to have a chat, I'm all ears.


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