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Male, 65 years
Bolingbrook, IL

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Parkinson's disease
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Retired after 34 years as a senior digital systems specialist for worldwide technology company. Presently work part time as a licensed home inspector, school bus driver, and landlord/handyman for 5 rental homes. I play guitar and organ, and do all my own home repairs, including appliances and furnaces. Married to present wife since 1991. She works as a Senior Underwriter for a major bank. My former wife died of Lupus. One daughter, married to College professor . Presently my parkinsons is well controlled with meds, and I consider it a minor inconvenience, rather than a major problem. I am in good health otherwise.

Since diagnosis in 2005, many of the symptoms I had then are either greatly reduced or totally gone within the past 2 years. These included: Micrography, muscle weakness and stiffness. I could not write my name with any writing instrument, could not sign the credit card scanner at a store, was unable to rotate a fork while eating pasta, and could not cut anything with a knife. Had "Dropped Foot" when walking causing me to trip over my own feet. Also foggy brain function, memory and balance problems. I could not play a keyboard or guitar. Today, the above symptoms are gone. Only tremors in my left hand and "PD gait" are still present, and those symptoms completely disappear when meds are working. I cannot explain why the above symptoms have gone away, but all I know is that for the past 2 years even my neurologist is amazed at how I have REVERSED many of my PD symptoms. Blood pressure, weight, general health are excellent. I lost 65 pounds from 1/1/2012 to 4/7/2013. No special diets or programs, just adjusted food intake. I eat one-third of what I ate before. Never smoked, and do not drink alcohol. Ride bicycle, keep active.. Have much energy, always keep busy. Enjoy being empty nester with my beautiful wife.  Had unilateral STN_DBS in August 2013.  After four adjustments in voltage and meds, I now am doing pretty good.  No tremors 95% of the time, Parkinson's gait better but have to time my meds carefully to prevent "doun time "between.   Taking meds 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals makes a big difference.   The one month of inactivity after the surgery left me out of shape. Am now resuming my normal activities and getting back up to speed.  Sleep is better after DBS, I get drowsy at the appropriate time in the evening, and sleep up to 6 hours.  Before DBS I slept 2 hours at a time.


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