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Female, 57 years
Bridgeton, NJ

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Fibromyalgia and 1 more
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About BumbleBee

I'am a mother of 3 boy's and 1 girl. I work as a veternairy tech at a local clinic,and really love my work. It keeps me going. I have a grandson and a granddaughter who are alot of fun to spend time with. I've been married to a great man for 11 year's now, he puts up with alot from me. With my mood's and my pain. I don't know what I'ld do without him. We have a small farm with 5 horse's, 1 pony, 5 dog's ,5 pigmy goats and 4 cat's.They are alot of work sometimes but we love everyone of them. I have had fibromyalga for more year's then I can remember. I keep going for my 10 year old son,

I have good day's and bad day's as everyone does. I still work full time and try to take care of the house and help my husband with the animal's. I have found over time I can not sleep a full night in our bed. I sleep 99.9% of the time in a recliner, I still have some pain but not as much as when I sleep in our bed. We bought a Sleep Number bed ( alot of money) thinking I would be able to adjust the bed and be o.k, didn't work. We bought a pillow top, same results. So back to my recliner. I have found over time the more I get up and move the better or less pain I have. Sitting or laying around seem's to be the worse thing for me. I work full time at a veteriany hospital I've been there for almost 14 years. I 've worked my way to being head tech, now I have the ability to let the younger girl's to do most of the harder work. We only take care of small animals but they are tough to handle some day's. My family are very supportive, and help as much as they can. My older 3 kids are grown and have life's of there oun but if I need help they are alway's there. My 10 year old son is really a great kid. He doesn't complain much when I'am having a bad day and have to lay down for alittle bit or just cann't do something. He also keep'sme going, he like's to ride bikes, play tennis, play catch, anything to keep us moving. He is alot of fun and energy. I think if you keep moveing even alittle it really help's.Smile


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