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Stiffness: Most
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Female, 53 years
College Station, TX

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Fibromyalgia and 1 more
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About CarynCB

I work as a Respiratory Therapist 3 shifts/week, 12 hour shifts. My first day off I'm usually a couch potato. My second day off I can usually get something done. I love to sew and craft. Would like to start a business but have not had the energy to get anything done to sell. I do good to keep up with gifts. I am hoping to get more information about FM from this group as well as help others if I can.

My doctor is going on a theory about all of his FM patients that although this is a real disease, and he does not doubt anyone's pain, it does have a family psycho-social base, as 54% of his FM patients have had an alcoholic father, and there are other similarities.  Most of us have had either a military or police officer father.  Most of us have had a very close relationship with our father and not so good with mothers during childhood.  He has a group therapy clinic for 2 hours once/month.  I have been once.


Explanation about this week:  I've had the flu and it doesn't mix well with fibro.  Most weeks aren't this bad.


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