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Male, 41 years
Suffolk, United Kingdom

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HIV-1: Group M: Type B
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About new2theclub

Diagnosed positive in July 2008 after getting ill, and started treatment September 2008. I've got a pretty good attitude about the whole thing, it's not going to rule my life, but at the same time it's part of me and if I can do any good... bring it on!! I'm just a normal guy who'd like to make some new friends who understand what it's like. Come and say hi!

I'm very thankful to family and friends (including those who I have never met) for kind words, support and the occasional kick in the pants!

I, like many other on here, have up days and down days; but I refuse to let this thing take control of my life.

The one rule I live by is "Never regret the things you've done when there's so much more to do in the future".  I accept my mistakes and move on - why let the past spoil the future??  I'm not perfect, but show me someone who is!!

I've started to do a spot of volunteering at a local hiv charity, handing out leaflets and condoms and ensuring that hiv is still a topic of conversation.


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