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Sex: M
Data Quality: 0 stars
MS: 10 yrs
Type: relapsing-remitting
Sensation: Severe
Overall: Mild
Cognition: moderate
Vision: severe
Speech: none
Swallowing: none
Upper limb: mild
Walking: moderate


Male, 38 years
Memphis, TN

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About Drewfuss21

Diagnosed on July 4, 2007. Have been on and off and back on again of short-term/long-term disability. I was taking "Tysabri" for about 7 months, but started to come down with pharyngitis, ear-infections, and last but certainly not least, viral meningitis. This was from my immune-system being suppresed far too greatly by the Tysabri. My last Tysabri infusion was Oct 2nd, 2008, and I will begin back on Rebif this December. My neurologist and I agreed that the risks were outweighing the benefits, so I'm going back onto a more tried-and-true menthod for MS... wish the best for all MSers

I have been playing guitar since I was 12.  Diagnosed with R/R MS @ 28, I am now 30.  I love being at home, rather than going somewhere else for a vacation.  I don't feel like getting out much, anymore, and my ideal place to be is right here, at my home.  A lot of people talk about where they want to go for a vacation - I just want to stay right here.  That sounds horrible, but that's just how I feel - horrible - everyday.  I have seven inside cats, one outside laborador, and I love spending time with my animals, as much as possible.  I am an aspiring musician, as I write and record my music, here at home, on my 4-track recording set.  I have always wanted to write a book or a novel, and express myself in a literary way, like many of the greats did themselves, before my time. 

I haven't actually read anything since a few days before I was diagnosed with MS, way back in early July of 2007.  My visual impairment makes it very hard for me to stay on pace, whenever I read, and my cognitive functions don't allow me to readily absorb the material that I have read over.  I have found myself reading the same sentences over, and over, and over again, before I can truly comprehend what is meant to be conveyed to the reader.

My only mission in life, is to talk to others that have MS, along with their families and loved ones, and to offer all the support that I can possibly give, that comes along with the sad news of anybody being diagnosed with this horrible, crippling brain disease. 

Please donate to the MS LIfelines, MS Pathways, MontelMS.org, and the National Multiple Sclerosis society, as this enables many patients, like myself, to receive financial assistance in their medical treatments, for MS. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio.   Love and Peace to you all, -drew =)


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