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Sex: M
Data Quality: 2 stars
ALS: 13 yrs
Bulbar: moderate
Arms: moderate
Chest: mild
Legs: moderate


Male, 46 years
Perth, WA

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ALS and 3 more
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Alternative Medicine, and Working with my Condition
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About akita

Just being as persistent, thorough, pragmatic and active instopping this ridiculous disease. For Australian PALS who'd like to buy freshly ground, encapsulated, organic dried herbs at order, this is my business. http://www.herbosophy.com.au

I am a type A personality who must be doing something worthwhile to feel worthy. I am not now nor have I ever been content to allow life to happen nor to be dependant on others. Which is why this disease is my ultimate nightmare.

To not feel diseased, incompetent and dying, I control my environment and life as much as possible. I don't do anything or go anywhere that makes me feel the full brunt of this disease.
Therefore, I spend most of my day on the computer where I can work and feel somewhat productive. I started and run my own business to support myself after I could no longer work in my previous career.

I'm also undertaking a double degree in Law/Business so I can stay busy, stimulated and useful.

Even though I HATE what my life has become, I am very thankful that under the circumstances, I have an okay life facilitated to a great extent by the wonderful support of my carer.


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