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Social Anxiety Disorder
Depression: 2
Mania: 1
Emotional: 2
Anxiety: 2
Compulsion: 0
External Stress: Low
Rx Therapy
23 F
Function: Low
Distress: Moderate


Female, 24 years
WI, United States

Primary condition
Social anxiety disorder and 4 more
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About ABetterTomorrowForUs

I'm gonna try to keep this as short as possible! I'm 17. I think I've been through more things mentally than I have physically. I joined this website, because I'm adding it to the many things that will help me find a solution. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels there's no end. I've been through all kinds of treatment..none have led me to a great concrete solution. Even though I have mental chaos, I have a big heart & try to care for others as much as I can. It makes me happy, but also makes me a bit sad because I feel like I can never do enough. On here, I hope to find someone like me.


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Other conditions

  1. attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
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  2. generalized anxiety disorder
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  3. major depressive disorder
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  4. panic disorder
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