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  • Sex: F
  • Age: 65y
  • Organ: Kidney
Quality of life:
  • Mental: Mild
  • Physical: Mild
  1. Kidney : 38y Transplanted


Female, 65 years
QLD, Australia

Primary condition
Kidney transplant and 3 more
Mar 1979
First listed
Jan 1979
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About Casandra

I was born with 1 kidney function deteriorated in early70's after two pregnancies.Dialysised during pregnancies but stopped after births(only lived 4hrs) Went downhill in my late 20's shunt for dialysis but didn't start straight away. Went 2days for home training then had phone call that tx was available.Picked myself of the floor & the rest is history. Kidney from a 18yr old motorcycle accident.Have had ups & downs but the kidney was a good one & never seems to faulter. I thank the good Lord that he turned a tragedy into something good


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Other conditions

  1. Diabetes type 2
  2. Gastroesophageal reflux disease
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  3. High blood pressure (hypertension)
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