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Major Depressive Disorder
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50 M
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Male, 50 years
Reading, Berkshire

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MDD and 7 more
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About JDB

I am a at home care giver for my wife, Sally Darin-Brame who has many problems, CFS and Fibromyalgia being the main two and also William who's my five year old step son who is somewhere on the autistic spectrum. I deal with all this while fighting depression, which i've had for many years, tried lot's of meds, none of which seem to work, tried CBT and counselling, but nothing seems to really help. I can be so different from day to day, good days are briiliant, bad days are extremely dark.

I don't take prescribed drugs, I take St Johns Wort daily along with lots of supplements, Vitamins C and E, ginseng, omega fish oil, 3, 6, 9, positive outlook capsules, quiet life capsules, echinecea. Gluten and dairy free diet, no sugar, which means no sweets, chocolate, alcohol and no caffeine. I drink lots of water and eat fresh veg and lots of seeds and nuts.


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