Data for good

Data for good

Your data has a heartbeat that gives new life to medical research.

Donate your data for you, for others, for good.

What is data for good?

It’s symptom, treatment and other health data that you choose to share on PatientsLikeMe. All that data helps you track how you’re doing over time, helps the next person diagnosed learn what could work for them, and tells researchers what people really need so they can develop more effective treatments, faster.

What’s new

In 2014, there will be lots of opportunities to donate your data to research. Here’s how your data can do some good today. Together, let’s find out:

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I feel very excited that the information being used from my situation will contribute to research to help other people. Without that data, the research will not continue to grow.

Letitia, member with epilepsy, joined in 2010