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“Our brother Stephen was living with ALS and we thought, ‘there has to be a better way.’ There is. By sharing our experiences, we can all contribute new data that can accelerate research and help create better treatments. Our experiences can actually change medicine… for good.”

Jamie & Ben Heywood
Co-founders, PatientsLikeMe


PatientsLikeMe and CATCH To Accelerate Testing and Adoption of New Disease Diagnostics and Phenotypes 

The Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health, which is based at MGH and collaborates with various groups at MIT, is focused on discovering news ways to quantitatively measure the human condition in health and disease. 

PatientsLikeMe Launches New Services That Make Patients Partners in Medical Research

We unveiled a suite of services at the DIA conference in San Diego where Co-founder and Chairman Jamie Heywood, on behalf of our members and staff, also accepted the 2014 DIA President's Award for Outstanding Achievement in World Health.

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