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Member Stories: The Napkin Notes Dad

For every piece of health data you share on PatientsLikeMe over the next 24 days, we’re going to donate up to $20,000 to Make-A-Wish® Massachusetts and Rhode Island to help fund life-affirming wishes for seriously ill children. Start now! Update your profile or create a new one today. 


PatientsLikeMe Launches “24 Days of Giving” to Encourage Sharing of Health Data for Good

We’re asking people who are living with a chronic condition to do something different this season: donate their health data to help themselves, help others, and advance research.

PatientsLikeMe and The Schwartz Center Join Forces to Better Understand Patients' Perceptions of Compassionate Care 

We're collaborating to create a new measure for compassionate care that looks at the interaction between patients and their care teams. 

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