What is Scleral buckling surgery?

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Scleral buckling surgery is used to treat retinal detachment. It is a method of closing breaks and flattening the retina. A scleral buckle, a piece of silicone sponge, rubber, or semi-hard plastic, is placed on the outside of the eye. Once sewn into place, the buckle is usually left permanently.

Side effects

Side effects as an overall problem

Side effects as an overall problem
Severity Evaluations
Severe 0
Moderate 0
Mild 0
None 0

Commonly reported side effects and conditions associated with Scleral buckling surgery

Side effect Patients
Eye floaters 1
Visual disturbances (light flashes and squiggles) 1


Stopped having Scleral buckling surgery

Duration Patients
Less than 1 month 1
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