What is Shoulder arthroplasty?

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Most popular types: Shoulder arthroplasty (left) Shoulder arthroplasty (right)


Shoulder arthroplasty, also called shoulder replacement surgery, is usually done only after more conservative treatments (such as physical therapy, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications) have failed. The surgery is done to replace the bones of the shoulder joint with artificial joint parts.

Reported purpose & perceived effectiveness
Purpose Patients Evaluations Perceived Effectiveness
Osteoarthritis 11 6
Alkaptonuria 2 0
Bone necrosis 1 0
Broken shoulder 1 0
Chronic costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage in ribs) 1 0

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  • Moderate
  • Slight
  • None
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Side effects

Side effects as an overall problem

Side effects as an overall problem
Severity Evaluations

Commonly reported side effects and conditions associated with Shoulder arthroplasty

Side effect Patients
Limited range of motion 6
Pain 1
Pain in right shoulder and arm 1
Post surgical trauma 1
Reduced arm swing 1

Why patients stopped taking Shoulder arthroplasty

Multiple reasons could be selected

Reason Patients
Other 1
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Currently having Shoulder arthroplasty

Duration Patients
2 - 5 years 1

Stopped having Shoulder arthroplasty

Duration Patients
Less than 1 month 22
Adherence Evaluations
Always 6
Usually 1
Sometimes 0
Never taken as prescribed 0
Burden Evaluations
Very hard to take 1
Somewhat hard to take 2
A little hard to take 1
Not at all hard to take 3
Cost per month
Cost per month Evaluations
$200+ 3
$100-199 0
$50-99 0
$25-49 0
< $25 2
Not specified 2
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Dec 12, 2012 (Started Dec 12, 2012)

  • Effectiveness
    Major (for osteoarthritis)
  • Side effects
    Mild (limited range of motion)
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Somewhat hard to take
Dosage: One time
Advice & Tips: The arthritic pain was gone immediately. The surgical pain diminished very quickly. I am in my 4th month of physical therapy and have almost full range of motion. I have some weakness still in that shoulder and arm which I am working on.
Cost: < $25 monthly

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