What is tinzaparin?

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Most popular types: Innohep


Tinzaparin is an anticoagulant that is used for the treatment of acute deep vein thrombosis, with or without pulmonary embolism, in conjunction with warfarin sodium. It is not longer available in the US, but may still be available in other countries.

Side effects

Side effects as an overall problem

Side effects as an overall problem
Severity Evaluations Percentage
Severe 0
Moderate 1
Mild 1
None 3

Commonly reported side effects and conditions associated with tinzaparin

Side effect Patients Percentage
Bruising 2
Injection site bruising 1

Why patients stopped taking tinzaparin

Multiple reasons could be selected

Reason Patients Percentage
Doctor's advice 2
Course of treatment ended 1
Other 1
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Stopped taking tinzaparin

Duration Patients Percentage
Less than 1 month 2
1 - 6 months 2
Adherence Evaluations Percentage
Always 5
Usually 0
Sometimes 0
Never taken as prescribed 0
Burden Evaluations Percentage
Very hard to take 1
Somewhat hard to take 2
A little hard to take 1
Not at all hard to take 1
Cost per month
Cost per month Evaluations Percentage
$200+ 0
$100-199 0
$50-99 0
$25-49 0
< $25 2
Not specified 3

What people switch to and from

Patients started taking tinzaparin after stopping:

Treatment Patients Percentage
Dalteparin (Fragmin) 1
Enoxaparin (Lovenox) 1

Patients stopped taking tinzaparin and switched to:

Treatment Patients Percentage
Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) 1
Warfarin (Coumadin) 1
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Mar 9, 2012 (Started Feb 17, 2012)

  • Effectiveness
    Major (for deep vein thrombosis)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Very hard to take
Dosage: 0.725 mL Daily
Advice & Tips: Always inject in the abdomen. It's the best place for it. Brace yourself for constant blood tests for the first few days.
Cost: < $25 monthly

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