What is Red Wine?

Category: Nutrition/Diets

Most popular types: Red Wine Extract


Research has suggested that red wine is beneficial to heart health. The cardioprotective effect has been attributed to antioxidants present in the skin and seeds of red grapes. Scientists believe the antioxidants, called flavonoids, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Reported purpose & perceived effectiveness
Purpose Patients Evaluations Perceived Effectiveness
General health 17 3
Stress 6 0
Social anxiety 2 0
Anxious mood 1 1
Bladder problems 1 1
Doctor recommendation 1 0

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  • Major
  • Moderate
  • Slight
  • None
  • Can't tell

Side effects

Side effects as an overall problem

Side effects as an overall problem
Severity Evaluations Percentage
Severe 1
Moderate 1
Mild 5
None 2

Commonly reported side effects and conditions associated with Red Wine

Side effect Patients Percentage
Dehydration 1
Excess mucus 1
Feeling of heart pounding 1
Flushing 1
Heart palpitations 1
Intoxication 1


Based on patients currently using Red Wine

Dosage Patients Percentage
250 mL daily 1

Why patients stopped taking Red Wine

Multiple reasons could be selected

Reason Patients Percentage
Other 2
Did not seem to work 1
Personal research 1
Side effects too severe 1
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Currently using Red Wine

Duration Patients Percentage
10 years or more 1

Stopped using Red Wine

Duration Patients Percentage
Less than 1 month 1
6 months - 1 year 1
1 - 2 years 1
10 years or more 1
Adherence Evaluations Percentage
Always 0
Usually 6
Sometimes 1
Never taken as prescribed 2
Burden Evaluations Percentage
Very hard to take 0
Somewhat hard to take 0
A little hard to take 2
Not at all hard to take 7
Cost per month
Cost per month Evaluations Percentage
$200+ 0
$100-199 0
$50-99 0
$25-49 6
< $25 2
Not specified 1
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1 patient evaluation for Red Wine

Jul 12, 2011 (Started May 24, 2007)

  • Effectiveness
    Can't tell (for General health)
  • Side effects
    Mild (intoxication)
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    A little hard to take
Dosage: 250 mL Daily
Advice & Tips: As a compulsive person who takes a prescribed drug that induces alcohol cravings (bupropion, as part of hypomania, dose-dependent) and another that inensifies the effects of alcohol (venlafaxine, dose-dependent), there is an argument for my not drinking at all. Most recently, exercising control via the shopping budget seems to work well.
Cost: < $25 monthly
Side effects: intoxication

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