What is nystatin-triamcinolone topical?

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Nystatin, an antifungal, and triamcinolone, a corticosteriod, are packaged together as one topical treatment for superficial infections of the skin. Nystatin fights the fungal infection while triamcinolone works to decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Reported purpose & perceived effectiveness
Purpose Patients Evaluations Perceived Effectiveness
Candida (fungal) infection 3 0
Anal itching (anusitis) 1 0
Trigeminal neuralgia 1 0
Vaginal pain 1 0

  • Major
  • Moderate
  • Slight
  • None
  • Can't tell


Based on patients currently taking nystatin-triamcinolone topical

Dosage Patients Percentage
100,000-1varunits as needed 1
100000units/g-0.1% as needed 1

Why patients stopped taking nystatin-triamcinolone topical

Multiple reasons could be selected

Reason Patients Percentage
Course of treatment ended 1
Other 1
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Currently taking nystatin-triamcinolone topical

Duration Patients Percentage
2 - 5 years 1
5 - 10 years 1

Stopped taking nystatin-triamcinolone topical

Duration Patients Percentage
Less than 1 month 1
1 - 6 months 1
1 - 2 years 1

What people switch to and from

Patients started taking nystatin-triamcinolone topical after stopping:

Treatment Patients Percentage
Nystatin (Nystatin topical) 1
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