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Mar 14, 2009 (Started Mar 11, 2009)

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    Severe (listed in evaluation)
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    Never taken as prescribed
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    Very hard to take
Advice & Tips: I don't offer an evaluation of Green Tea Extract here but a warning as I only lasted one day on it - I had a unpleasant interaction between Nardil (a MAOI) and Green Tea Extract that included side effects: -low blood pressure -headache -body aches/joint stiffness -drowsyness -dizzyness -chest pains -inability to concentrate -flushing -mild sexual arrousal (ok not a bad thing) -mild tinnitus -general worn out feeling that persists for many hours *not to say you may experience any of this but taking the purified extract is not like drinking tea by the cup so i'm giving you a heads-up if youre a MAOI user...take it slow or not at all just in case. I had taken 2x300mg capsules (50% EGCG; incl. caffeine - unknown amount) on an empty stomach with cofactor vitamin B6 (for the EGCG). Bad effects began within one hour. ***update (April 15, 2009) on GTE with regards to illness: At the time I "evaluated" this supplement (to "potentiate" Nardil efficacy) I was coming down with a cold>flu>pneumonia series and the likelihood of a misinterpretation of GTE is high here. Some of the sides (i.e. bad bp associated headaches are also side effects of the infection) can be attributable to the infection therefor I will be re-evaluating/retesting this supplement when I am healthy. First by itself with the necessary cofactors then in association with Nardil to re-test my SULT enzyme theory as biochemically there should be no/minimal reaction...perhaps a small increase in dopamine at a small dose of GTE. That was the point. ***Further evaluation is likely to come***
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