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  • Gender: M
  • Age: 64
Condition: COPD 43 additional condition(s)
Quality of Life:
  • Mental: Mild
  • Physical: Mild
I am: n
I have:

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Dec 8, 2006 (Started May 01, 2006)

  • Perceived effectiveness for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Moderate
  • Perceived effectiveness for Major Depressive Disorder: Moderate
  • Perceived effectiveness for Bipolar Disorder: Major
  • Side Effects: Mild
  • Adherence: Usually
  • Burden: A little
Dosage: 30 min Weekly
Advice & Tips: Using the computer and its search engine on the internet I learnt a great deal about my problems, was able to self diagnose which was later ran by the doctor (psyciatrist) who confirmed my diagnosis. Late I started using dialectal behaviour therapy using their daily diary/record sheets which in the end had a big impact on my daily life I was able to break from the confines of psycological withdrawal/isolation. Now I am learning to mix with people again first on a small scale slightly increasing over a period of time. This also impacts greatly on my lack of range of movement due to spinal damage and breathlessness due to the fybrosis.
Cost: Not specified monthly

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