1 patient evaluation for Rest taken for the purpose of 'Pain throughout body' with a perceived effectiveness rating of Major

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  • Gender: F
  • Age: 46
Condition: Herniated Disc 6 additional condition(s)
Quality of Life:
  • Mental: Severe
  • Physical: Moderate
I have:
Herniated Disc

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Mar 10, 2010 (Started Mar 10, 2010)

  • Perceived effectiveness for General health: Major
  • Perceived effectiveness for Fatigue: Major
  • Perceived effectiveness for Pain throughout body: Major
  • Side Effects: None
  • Adherence: Always
  • Burden: A little
Dosage: 15 min Daily
Advice & Tips: Everyone needs to rest now and then but people with CFS, MS or FM NEED rest more in order to function.
Cost: Not specified monthly
Side effects: Do not need wheelchair anymore at this time.

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