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Gender: F
Data Quality: 3 stars
Depression: 1
Mania: 2
Emotional: 1
Anxiety: 2
Compulsion: 2
External Stress: Low
24 F
Function: Moderate
Distress: Low
I am: g
I have:
Borderline Personality

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May 1, 2013 (Started Nov 01, 2012)

  • Perceived effectiveness for Brain fog: Major
  • Perceived effectiveness for Persistent worry: Major
  • Perceived effectiveness for Stress: Major
  • Perceived effectiveness for Major Depressive Disorder: Major
  • Side Effects: Mild
  • Adherence: Usually
  • Burden: A little
Dosage: 120 min Weekly
Advice & Tips: This is the best treatment, but very hard for me with my schedule and sleeping problems to adhere to.
Cost: $25-49 monthly

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