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Gender: F
Data Quality: 0 stars
Pain: Most
Fatigue: All
Sleep: All
Stiffness: All
function: None
external_stress: All
Stickman: all
FM:20y Dx
I have:

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Dec 15, 2008 (Started Nov 10, 2008)

  • Perceived effectiveness for Other: Moderate
  • Perceived effectiveness for Unrefreshing or poor sleep: Can’t tell
  • Side Effects: None
  • Adherence: Always
  • Burden: A little
Dosage: All the time (24/7)
Advice & Tips: Talk to a physical therapist or massage therapist to find out proper use to alleviate discomfort and prevent morning discomfort. They can demonstrate the correct way to use pillow in order to get the most effective pain relief

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