Oct 17, 2007 (Started Oct 17, 2007)

  • Effectiveness
    None (for bladder cancer)
  • Side effects
    Severe (blood in urine (hematuria))
  • Adherence
    Never taken as prescribed
  • Burden
    A little hard to take
Dosage: One time
Advice & Tips: Do not have this until you've discussed it with Bladder Cancer Forums; read about it; waited at least a couple of weeks whilst you find out as much as possible about it. Tell the surgeon you only want a biopsy (but then, will s/he take any notice? Mine didn't). I was rushed into this surgery 2 days after having been diagnosed - much too quickly. NO benefits - the cancer regrew to the same size within three months - when chemo then cleared it. So I should have gone straight to chemo.

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