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Gender: F
Data Quality: 1 star
Pain: Most
Fatigue: All
Sleep: All
Stiffness: All
function: None
external_stress: All
Stickman: all
FM:24y Dx
CFS:27y Dx
I am: vb
I have:

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Jul 22, 2010 (Started Jun 15, 2009)

  • Perceived effectiveness for Fibromyalgia: Major
  • Perceived effectiveness for Depressed mood: Moderate
  • Side Effects: Mild
  • Adherence: Always
  • Burden: Not at all
Dosage: 120 mg Daily
Advice & Tips: Cymbalta was a like a miracle drug for me when I first started taking it. I can tell if I have forgotten to take it or haven't refilled my script. I highly recommend it for treatment of Fibromyalgia. I still experience some depression, but that is probably normal for someone living in chronic pain.
Cost: $50-99 monthly
Side effects: Dry mouth, Dry throat

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