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Oct 23, 2015 (Started Jun 30, 2012)

  • Effectiveness
    Major (for complex regional pain syndrome type II)
  • Effectiveness
    Major (for pain)
  • Effectiveness
    Major (for thoracic pain)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Not at all hard to take
Dosage: 0.5 mg Daily
Advice & Tips: Make sure you read the booklet on the possible major side effects, as it is possible your doctor doesn't know. If you are not getting any relief, your PUMP MUST BE LOOKED AT WITH REAL TIME XRAYS. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you feel a "mass" in the abdomen and low back, MAKE SURE YOUR DOCTOR listens. If he/she doesn't listen, go to the surgeon, or to another doctor ASAP.
Cost: < $25 monthly

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