1 patient evaluation for Electrocardiogram (EKG)

May 19, 2014 (Started Apr 15, 2014)

  • Effectiveness
    Can't tell (for tachycardia (fast heart rate))
  • Side effects
    None (for Overall)
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    A little hard to take
Advice & Tips: It took 2 days for this test to be approved by my insurance. By then the worst of my symptoms were gone and I was making sure to take it easy. As such, I'm not really sure how effective it could have been in identifying my problem if I had actually had it on during a real attack. Instead, the doctors concluded that I must have been drinking too much caffeine (I don't drink coffee and very rarely drink sodas) or have been overly stressed (I've had almost no change in my daily routine for over a year). Given my results, I think this test is pretty useless unless you're having frequent enough attacks to be able to predict or trigger one while the monitor is on.
Cost: $50-99 monthly

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