1 patient evaluation for CCSVI Stents

Oct 29, 2009 (Started Oct 29, 2009)

  • Effectiveness
    Major (for Jugular stenosis)
  • Side effects
    Moderate (sore shoulders)
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Somewhat hard to take
Dosage: One time
Advice & Tips: Treated at Stanford by Dr. Dake; now beginning clinical trial early 2010. Left jugular was 95% blocked, right juggler 85% blocked, both at 100% open flow after stents. MS symptoms: Painful morning extensor spasms in calf muscles gone after 3 weeks. Night time leg contracture spasms stopped at 2 months. Now at 3 months, still have some tone/stiffness in legs, but abating. No more icy hands and feet. Urgency has lessened by 50%. Still walking with cane, but energy picking up, balance improving.
Cost: < $25 monthly
Side effects: sore shoulders

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