Every few weeks, we release new features and technical fixes for the website. We’ll use this space to tell you what we’ve done. If you’ve got a product idea or think you’ve found a bug, let us know at

New look and style (11/12/2013)

We’re happy to unveil a new look and style for our website. You can see our VP of User Experience @KimGoodwin give a 60 second tour and explain in her blog post about what changed and why. Here are some examples of the new pages, which make PatientsLikeMe easier to read, more intuitive, elegant, accessible—and also allows us to get technically ready to make more functionality improvements…and faster. You’ve told us the site can be confusing and complicated, and that you need it to work better on your go-to device, not just a desktop or laptop. So we've built up a team this past year to do something about it. We’ve spent time doing interviews, learning more about the big issues, and thinking through how to get to a better PatientsLikeMe. To get to improved usability, simplicity and mobility, we had to start with the visual language of the website—colors, fonts, spacing, icons, and more.

Software Release (06/11/2013)

1. About me page
You can now update your photo, biography, basic information, and interests all on one About Me page. We’ve also consolidated your short and long biography and included other cool features—like a nicer text editor, primary interest, and choice of what to do after you update. Check it out and use this opportunity to let others know what you're most interested in connecting about.

2. Three stars page
You can more easily see when your profile is up-to-date with the new three stars page, now highlighted on the top left of your profile. Here, you can also request a free t-shirt or sponsorship for your fundraising walk or run through the PatientsLikeMeInMotion program.

3. My Profile navigation
Lastly, the items under your Health Data section are now alphabetized so you can more easily find what you’re looking for.

Software Release (05/20/2013)

1. Email design
Our emails have gotten a makeover! You'll continue to receive the same emails you've signed up for in your email settings, they'll just look nicer and have simpler language.

2. Update your symptoms on the conditions tab
You can now update your symptoms while browsing the Conditions tab. This feature will only appear next to the conditions currently listed on your profile, but we hope to bring inline updates like this to other parts of the site soon.

Forum Search (04/24/2013)

We’ve made improvements to the forum search so you can find what you’re looking for faster, see results displayed more clearly, and discover new relevant content along the way.

Posts are now rolled up into threads to help group related content. When you click ‘Show more posts’ they’ll open up in this same page.


You’ll initially see results based on the forum you’re in without having to leave that forum or being taken to an entirely new page. You can refine your search right there, expand your results out to all the forums you’ve joined, or even to all the forums on the site.


In addition to seeing results that match across topic titles and posts, you can now also search based on username and tags. 

Software Release (04/01/2013)

Conditions tab

We’ve added a new tab on the top navigation for Conditions. Here, you can easily find and learn about your condition(s)—as well as about the other 2000+ conditions people are experiencing in the PatientsLikeMe community.

We’ve added treatments next to common symptoms so you can get a sense of what others are trying.