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Male, 47 years
Holden, MA

Steven Hammond
Director of Privacy, Security and Compliance
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About shammond42

I am the engineering manager at PatientsLikeMe. In addition to my coding responsibilities, I am responsible for managing the development process, working with the product manager on priorities and developing estimates.

Family, community, science and technology. These are the things that are important to me. One of the things I like about working at PatientsLikeMe is that I get to combine community and technology together! Feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions!

Outside of work, I do quite a few things to keep busy -- I have a phobia about being bored. I volunteer for NASA/JPL as a Solar System Ambassador


and teach kids about the space program, I tutor people on how to use the internet at the local library and I server on my local school committee. I also like to travel with my family, and when there is time. Read!

Probably the best way to get to know me is to check out my blog.



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