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Watertown, MA

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About KrisEngdahl

In coming to PatientsLikeMe, I am coming to learn from you all. As a User Researcher, I hope to help bring the member voice to the Product / Design / Engineering team in a regular cadence, helping us know you better and learn what works for you and what doesn't on the site itself.

I've been fortunate to have relatively few health issues in my life, but I've seen my family and friends go through a range of serious issues: ALS, major depression, MS, hemachromatosis, diabetes, and a number of different cancers. I am always amazed at the strength that shines through people facing these tough challenges, and the opportunities for love and support that arise. 

I'm honored to see how you all support and strengthen each other, and excited to see how we can help make that easier, and how we can all support research to find better treatments.




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