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Male, 41 years
MA, United States

I am the Lead Computational Biologist at Patients Like Me. I believe we can discover a lot about health with the help of our patient community.

Arnaud Amzallag, PhD
Sr. Scientist, Lead Computational Biologist
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About ArnaudAmzallag

I am the Lead Computational Biologist at PatientsLikeMe. I love statistics, biology and bio-medical research. I believe we can discover a lot about diseases in collaboration with patients, who know about their condition very well. I want to find correlates between new molecular analyzes and what the patients report about their health, to see if we can predict the course of their disease and ultimately to help them choose the best path for their health. Before joining PatientsLikeMe, I did research at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center for 5.5 years, and I worked at a small company named Selventa in Cambridge in 2016. I look forward connecting with fellow members of PatientsLikeMe!


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