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About AliciaSpector

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be joining the PatientsLikeMe team. I come from a background of public health and epidemiology, which highly focus on the “N”; the total number of patients with a disease, a statistic, etc. I joined the PLM team to reverse this thinking and put you - our patients- first. I am excited to help patients understand their condition personally to make more informed decisions and help the medical world understand conditions in real time and make more informed decisions and developments as well.

Prior to PLM, I completed my BA at Syracuse University (GO ORANGE!) and MSc from Trinity College, Dublin and have since gained experience in global health program development at companies such as TOMS Shoes, Inc., partnership development at Big Brothers Big Sisters and epidemiology research at New England Research Institutes, Inc.

At PatientsLikeMe, I manage relationships with our commercial clients and support our internal teams. I am grateful to have this opportunity to put you – our patients – first. 


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