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Female, 46 years
Oakland, CA

Kim Goodwin
Senior Advisor, Consumer Strategy
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About KimGoodwin

Like everyone else at PatientsLikeMe, I aim to help our members live the healthiest, most rewarding lives they can. As the head of product and user experience, I guide the teams that define, design, and prioritize what we build. I make sure our products and technology platform help our members and their families live better today, while also encouraging them to share the data that makes a difference in healthcare research. 

There are some questions we all have as patients that our doctors can't answer: What's it really like to live with this condition? How can I have good relationships, stay productive, or manage the costs of all this? What do other people like me find most effective for this symptom? I'm excited about helping patients answer those questions for each other.

20+ years ago, I designed my first healthcare product, which involved personal health records and educational multimedia for chronic diseases. Since then, I've worked on all kinds of software and hardware, from luxury car Web sites to stuff you'd rather not think about happening in the cockpit of a plane. Healthcare products have always remained my favorites, though: electronic medical records, glucose meters, hospital infusion pumps...and now, PatientsLikeMe, which is my favorite challenge yet.


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