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Sally Okun, RN, MMHS
Vice President, Policy & Ethics
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About SallyOkun

I joined the company in 2008 as Health Data Integrity Manager and became the VP Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety in 2013. My focus has always been to insure that the voices of our patients are honored and well represented on the site. In my new role I'm privileged to bring the patient voice to many audiences in the public and private sectors in the US and globally. I've been a registered nurse for many years and spent much of my career working with patients and their caregivers living with the daily challenges of serious & advancing illnesses in their homes and communities. What matters most is my incredible family and being a grandma!

Sally Okun is the Vice President for Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety at PatientsLikeMe in Cambridge, MA. She is responsible for the company’s patient advocacy initiatives; she participates and contributes to health policy discussions at the national and global level; and she is the company’s liaison with government and regulatory agencies. Sally joined the company in 2008 as the manager of Health Data Integrity and Patient Safety overseeing the site’s medical ontology including the curation of patient reported health data and an ever-evolving Patient Vocabulary. Okun developed and manages the PatientsLikeMe Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Platform.

Prior to joining PatientsLikeMe Sally, a registered nurse, practiced as a palliative and end-of-life care specialist and contributed to multiple clinical, research, and educational projects in that specialty area. She earned her graduate degree from The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and was a National Library of Medicine Biomedical Informatics Fellow in 2010.

Okun is a contributing author to publications, discussion papers and books on patient engagement, team based care, patient reported outcomes, and health data sharing in social media.


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