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  • Age: 52y
  • Organ: Kidney
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  • Mental: Mild
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  1. Kidney : 16y Transplanted


Female, 52 years
austin, TX

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Kidney transplant and 6 more
Aug 2000
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Jan 1999
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I've had my kidney transplant for over 11 yrs. I was on dialysis for 2 and half yrs. I had renal failure due to hypertension, was diagnosed when I was 16 I never took my bp meds cause they made me tired nausea or they made me pee alot. How ironic anyway so I never took them my Dad is even a dr. I thought all those headaches I had were sinus allergies. So about 15 yrs ago I started to retain water, trouble breathing, vomiting, diaherria and leg jerking. Ended up in the er cause could not breathe when I layed down, I had congestive heart failure. My bp was off the charts. Surprised I made it.

Was on dialysis for over 2 yrs. also on waiting list, I even moved back to Tx less time to wait for a kidney. I hated dialysis especially being single and young it made me so sick and weak. So one night had enough I told them to take me off i just wanted to die. when I got hm that night about a hour passed and I got that call they had a match. (God does work in mysterious ways, I believe he saved me for a purpose, not sure what it is but I think it might have something to do with what I'm going thru now.) I hadn't even got my pager yet. So I drove myself to St. Lukes in Houston a hour dr. had lab wk done then they sent me home to wait and not even 2 hrs later I was told to go back for my kidney transplant, so I drove myself there again, all alone couldn't get ahold of any family or friends. But when I woke up in Icu there was my sister and mother. I just remember my catherator was overflowing onto the floor! That's the best thing in the world. So everything is great. Somehow I've been able to keep health ins. probably cause I was married. (he paid for it) But almost 2 yrs ago I got divorceed, he got everything, I just got alot of debt and financial hardships. He worked for a attorney and I could not afford to fight it. Don't make much money bartending and waiting tables 2.13 a hr plus tips, which remember next time you go out to eat, that server could be me. Now I have no ins. running out of antirejection drugs I'm taking about a forth of what I should be. They cost 3000.00 a month. I can't get help from any government or state agency because I work and single and no kids. They help lazy drug dealers who just keep having kids so they can get more money, place to live , free food, free ins. Makes Me Sick the only way I can get help is to lose my kidney or be on my death bed. I guess I could quit my job, collect 700.00 a month but who can live on that. besides I'd go crazy. I just don't know how these INS. Co and DRUG Co get away with it and how can they live with themselves knowing they kill people everyday!!!!!! Something has to be done! and it sure isn't Obama, what a joke. I'm getting help with bp meds thru Lone Star but even the dr there don't understand how important my transplant meds are. Plus they don't even have a kidney dr on staff. I can't even afford to go to one. Haven't had labs done in a few months. So I prepared myself to die again. I'm not going back on dialysis. So I stay up nights and days searching for help, finally found Select Care Benefits they are a prescription advocacy. It cost 100.00 to get started that includes the 1st month You pay based on your income. I'll be paying 60 a month for rapamune 900.00 neoral 400.00 and procrit injections 1500.00 a month. You just send them financial stuff and rx from a dr and dr and your sig on some papers and they do all the work so you won't get rejected from the drug co. I haven't got my meds yet. should in about 3-5 wks. Pray to God. then I'll be ok once again. Something needs to be done about these INSURANCE CO AND DRUG CO. How can they get away with it. THESE COMPANIES ARE LETTING TONS OF PEOPLE DIE EVERYDAY. ALL THEY SEE IS $$$ and the government why does a person like me not matter. They would rather pay ssdi and dialysis meds food stamps well you get the picture instead of just helping me with the cost of my immunospressant drugs. Sorry to be ranting but I've been thru so much to lose so much !!!!


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