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Gender: F
Data Quality: 1 star
Pain: All
Fatigue: Most
Sleep: Most
Stiffness: All
function: None
external_stress: Most
Stickman: all
FM:8y Dx


Female, 45 years
Coldwater, MI

Primary condition
Fibromyalgia and 6 more
Faith, and Research
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About NanaBurr

I am married to a wonderful man, I have three beautiful daughters and a grandson that lights my days! I am truly blessed and decided shortly after I was diagnosed that I would not let FMS rob me of the blessings that God has so graciously given me. I am currently in school full-time finishing a degree in Addictions Counseling and I babysit my grandson while his momma works full-time. My days are full and often a little overwhelming....but I am forever grateful that God saw fit to bless me with such a full life and I will always do my best to to really LIVE every moment.


Faith, and Research


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