Vitamin B12 Injection

About Vitamin B12 Injection (Prescription Drug)

Vitamin B-12 via intramuscular or deep subcutaneous injection is used to treat pernicious anemia; dietary deficiencies due to malabsorption diseases, inadequate secretion of intrinsic factor, and inadequate utilization; for increased requirements due to pregnancy.

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Kathie MS FEB 2002's Vitamin B12 Injection History (Ongoing)
250 mcg Daily Feb 01, 2002 - Last Update

Kathie MS FEB 2002's Vitamin B12 Injection is for…

  • General health

Kathie MS FEB 2002 has not reported any side effects for Vitamin B12 Injection.


Oct 21, 2008

250 mcg Daily
  • Effectiveness
    Major (for General health)
  • Side effects
  • Adherence
  • Burden
    Not at all hard to take
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