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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 59y
Condition: Diabetes Type 2 3 additional condition(s)
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Female, 59 years
Republic, MO

Primary condition
Diabetes type 2 and 3 more
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About DonnaC52

I have had depression for years and I think that it was because of the Fibromyalgia instead of the other way around. I know it does go together though. I am worse in the mornings and can't sleep during the night well enough to get the rest I seem to need. I drag the rest of the day not motivated to do much. In bed alot unless something like doctor appt. I have other conditions like deformities in lower back and L. hip. And my worse season is winter and early spring. Then starts getting worse about Sept. again. The fronts affect my body about 24 hours before I can tell it is going to rain etc

I feel that I am wasting away at my home because I hardly ever get out of it and am embarrassed because I seem to always be sleeping when my fiance' calls during the day. It is not a restful sleep though.  I sometimes feel useless and crazy for my sleep patterns and pain I have to contend with. Tired all the time too!


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Other conditions

  1. fibromyalgia
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  2. hydrocephalus
  3. myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome
    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)