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ALS: 14 yrs
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Male, 45 years
sebastian, FL

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Oct 14, 2013
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About denny/fla

Hi, I am originally from Michigan. Moved to Colorado when I was 15 and Florida at 22. Now I'm 44  and was dx w/ALS July 03'. I always enjoyed sports, outdoor adventure, music (drums especially), and martial arts.

The first 4 years of my symptoms I just thought I had a mineral deficiency or something... or I over worked myself? (massage therapist).  I had Muscle twitching and some pain in my forarms... Then one day I did nine massages in one day. I ruptured two disc in my neck.(Didn't know it) A few percosets and a couple weeks I was back to work.  About 6 months later, I couldn't keep my left index finger extended? UNFORTUNATELY, I was friends with a neurosurgen and had Cervical fusion at two levels. When that didn't help he thought it may be ALS? But don't worry you're way too young... I'd only heard of it then. Probly from watching Jerry Lewis every year...Now I've been on the telethon twice I froze with stagefright LoL... I dId know about Lou Gehrig of course... Baseball was my favorite sport.
So,  twenty minutes with a Neurologist and a fairly quick EMG he said It's ALS. I feel lucky it didn't take long to find out like some of you have. I live with my parents now.. we a few great caregivers now too. Lucky again to have them all. my swallowing is getting scary at times and i have to bend over after every smoothy to drain the sinus and airway or, i'll cough all day.. not fun but it helps tons.  I hope you find this site like a new Family that it is. Peace and Love to all Pals and Cals...



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