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Glenn Govednik
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  • Sex: M
  • Age: 75y
  • Organ: Lung
Quality of life:
  • Mental: None
  • Physical: Mild
  1. Lung : 9y Transplanted

Glenn Govednik

Male, 76 years
Corona, CA

Primary condition
Lung transplant and 8 more
Aug 2007
First listed
Jul 2007
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About Glenn Govednik

Lung Transplant recipient 8/16/2007 Went from wheel chair and oxygen 24/7 to being able to perform nearly all normal activities A true miracle. God gave me a second chance when I received a new lung 8/16/07. I pray that I can be of help to others and glorify God by living a Christian life.
8/15/2014 - Life continues to be a daily miracle from God as I will be 7 years post-transplant tomorrow.


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