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Male, 67 years
North Berwick, ME

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About belg64

I think more positive and move on. I keep my HIV in a secret closet but I know I will not take longer to keep in secret I am surprised, not even get sick, not symptoms and continue to stay in a good spiritual. I learn how to take care of myself with research how can I improve my immune system or find a way to keep me a good health. I look at my mirror what I look like as a normal person with no HIV show face. My aneurysm and Atrial Fibrillation were repaired by my 2nd open heart surgery last July 23/24 2009 that may relate to HIV issue as cardiovascular disease. I'm doing well and healthy

I am opening anyone to learn my condition and try to stay in a good shape. Exercise is a key to improve my immune system. I am looking for LTR as well.


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  1. atrial fibrillation
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  2. human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)