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    Gym Bag
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    Mouth/throat: mild
    Arms: mild
    Chest: mild
    Legs: mild
    I am: b
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    Parkinson's disease

    Gym Bag was feeling bad for

    I have not been here for a long time. I just kind of forgot. I can see benefit to coming here on a regular basis and taking part, and I will. The Parkinson's is a lot worse and I need to find some answers because the side effects of the medication is half the problem. I need information on Lime decease and who does the tests for Lime decease in the US. The tests that are not available in Canada. I need to send them a blood sample and some money. The one CDN test came back negative which is apparently as usual.
    Socialized medicine has some advantages but cutting edge research and technology does not appear to be one of them when compared to business based systems like US. The theory here appears to be if everyone can not have it for free than no one should be able to pay and get it.